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Friday, June 3, 2011


Haven't posted for a while. We are in Minnesota. It's hot and muggy. Hard to believe them when they tell us they had snowstorms barely a month ago. It was like 92 today. We are, however, enjoying the great expanse of greenness. Beautiful!

Anyway, got our rental car to get us around for a day or two. As Shauna was crawling in she pointed out a weird smell. We looked around and realized that the car was fairly new, so it must be a new car smell. Something neither of us are familiar with :)

Here's a photo:

We spent the following few hours at the zoo.

This morning we took Ashton to Mall of America. There was a Nickelodeon Universe in the middle. All of the rides were not recommended for those with heart conditions. His special little heart was broken. We took him to Build-A-Bear instead, and he LOVED it. He has been missing his dog, Pughetti, and cried a little as we were leaving here. He got a dog at Build-A-Bear, and named it Doggy.

We are now in Rochester, Mn, staying right across the street from the hospital where he will be getting his surgery. It is St. Mary's, which is about 10 blocks from the main Mayo building. The hotel is a great old hotel with the fine Norwegian name of Fiksdal. Our room reminds us of Mike Brady's office. All we need is olive green shag carpet. This will be our home until a place at the Ronald McDonald house opens up. We were number 16 on the waiting list. We talked to a lady who said it goes surprisingly fast, though. I will have more pics up soon. I have yet to take any of the hospital or hotel.

Keep checking back.

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