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Monday, June 6, 2011

Reasons we are truly Blessed!!

1. Grandpa Ron and Grandma Karen showed up today!
2. They caught Ashton's heart problem at birth,diagnosed him at age 3.
3. Dr. Susan Ethridge Pediatric cardiologist from Primary Children's Medical center kept close watch over Ashton for 4 years.
4. When the problem became severe. Dr. Ethridge referred Ashton to, AND WAS ACCEPTED, by one the very best heart surgeons in the country.
5. Ashton is receiving a Septal Myectomy. Which is considered to be the "GOLD STANDARD" treatment for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.
6. Our entire ward, families and community came together to raise the funds for us to be here!
7. We are now #1 on the Ronald McDonald house waiting list. We were #16 when we arrived here. Which hopefully means we can move there tomorrow.(Grandma and Grandpa Karen too).
8. We have met some amazing people while here and learned from them.
example: A group of about 10 Amish people visiting a beloved one. Many Muslim people, with their headdresses. Ashton played with one little Muslim girl at a park.
9. We have seen beautiful chapels, etc. from other faiths.( See photos)

10. My mom and dad Peterson who are with my special boys; Tyson, Wesley and Wyatt. Whom we miss so Much!!

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