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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We have kind of left everyone hanging. Sorry. This is the first time Ashton has been awake for an extended period of time. When he was sleeping, it kind of all hit us at once and we realized how exhausted we were. We have been sleeping almost as much as he has. They let me go back with him as he fell asleep, but not without making me look like a goon.

Surgery went without a hitch. They found a mitral valve that had been damaged due to the existing anatomy of the heart. They fixed that, too.

He slept after surgery, clear through the night, and well into most of the day. This morning they removed the tube going into his femoral artery. This afternoon he got to lose the line into his carotid artery; he hated having both of these pulled.

He still has a chest tube which is draining fluids. He won't lose that until tomorrow. He has to carry a box around with him until they get this removed.

This box is acting as a vacuum to drain all the fluids from his chest.

Now he has a zipper running down his chest. Maybe when he wakes up he will want to see if it works


  1. Shauna,

    What a brave little boy, and what a brave woman you are. I know the pain and struggles of dealing with a child with life-threatening heart problems... but we only had to deal with it for a little under a year. You are amazing! Thank you for sharing your faith and hope for brighter days. We truly are blessed to live in this time of such modern miracles in the way of medical advancement. We are even more blessed to live in this time to have the miracle of the priesthood to bless our lives.

    Please tell Ashton that Ivie and her family say "hello" and that we wish him a speedy recovery so he can come home and see all of his friends at Primary. Thank you for helping remember my own experience and gratitude at the many blessings we have with our children.

  2. We are so happy to hear that Ashton's surgery has gone well! We are so sorry that your little man (and all of you) have had to go through this... but are so grateful that they could fix Ashton's 'Special Heart.' Our prayers and thoughts are with you. Trevor sends Ashton a very special hug.
    The Rosia Family

  3. So happy to hear the surgery went well. Ashton and your family are in our thoughts and prayers!!