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Friday, July 22, 2011

Been a long time.

We have been neglecting our posts. He has been doing a little better day by day, so the feeling the urgency to post has been absent for a while. Just because we know how he is doing doesn't mean that the rest of you who have been following do.

Here is what we have noticed since the surgery:

He doesn't sweat as profusely during play or sleep.
He has an almost inexhaustible energy supply.
He doesn't like all the attention he has been getting from everybody asking how he is doing.

Regarding the last post, we have changed the time of day we have been giving him his medication and he seldom has headaches and I don't think we have seen him vomit for quite some time. I don't know if this is from the fact that the medication time is different (which makes sense because he now gets it with a meal) or because he is getting stronger over time. Whatever it is, we will keep doing it.

Thank you all for the continued support.

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  1. We don't know your family personally but in our heart you have stayed. We found your blog through our friends The Schmitt's there daughter Jessica has Wilm's Tumor but I'm sure you know them. We want to let you know that not only have my husband and I prayed for your family but all of our 5 children. We feel like Ashton has become a part of our family in the sense his name is talked about and he is prayed about so often in our home. We are so happy to hear that he is getting stronger. I too suffer from a heart condition and being a mom of 5 is a lot but I can't imagine being 6 and suffering, so my heart, prayers and everything else I can give is with you as a mother. Please give Ashton a hug from our family and let him know he has touched our lives as well. Also if there is a way we could get some things our children made for him to him please email me at we would love to send him a few things. Hugs and love sent fron the St George Bagley Family