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Monday, May 2, 2011

Yard Sale News.

Thanks to all who donated and attended, the yard sale was a huge success. I expected to raise around 1000 from this yard sale; I was hoping for more, but not expectant of much more. Earlier I was telling people that we had raised 4100 dollars which is 4 times what I expected. I just looked at the final count and we were able to deposit 4500 dollars into Ashton's Heart Fund. This is incredible. Almost everything went. What did not go is being donated to the Dove Center which is a very worthy cause in my opinion.

Thank you, everyone, for everything you do. We were once again very moved by the generosity of this community.


  1. very cool!!! amazing!! sorry i didn't make it out but it sounds like you had a good turn out..are there any pics of the event.

  2. I'm so very happy the Yard Sale was so successful.. your family members were all so very gracious..I even bumped into some when at COSTCO...It humbles one to see how giving everyone was...That's St. George for you..Have safe travels in June..Know that we all are sending Ashton "get healthy" wishes..