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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ashton's Attitude, Thoughts, and Celebrations.

We have been talking to Ashton about what he can expect when we go to the Mayo clinic. We feel that if there are no surprises, he will be better prepared to face what is to come. I have been very proud of him. He has shown no fear, and seems to have an attitude of 'alright, let's go get it done'. Mom and dad have been able to lean on him a bit for more strength.

We have had a few things happen around us to help us realize we are not alone. A young lady at my wife's school had her heart stop during P.E. She was saved by quick actions by the school staff, and now is in the care of Primary Children's Hospital. A family from my school had a young man drown at a weekend party; efforts to revive him were not successful. He was such a sweet little kid, and always showed kindness to those around him.

When one experiences a tragedy it is easy to feel that you are the only people to ever experience grief and heartache. My wife often asks me why we were chosen to face these trials, and why some never have anything bad happen to them. I don't believe these things are predetermined so I am not able to answer her. What I am noticing, though, is the fact that we have more empathy towards families who are facing their own trials. We have seen the kindness of others as they have shown us support. Now, I think I can answer this when she asks again: "Why is not important. What is important is that we are learning to become better, stronger people through the human experience.

Enough of the grimness, we have parties to get to. My little boy is turning seven tomorrow, May 27th. He shares his birthday with his best friend, Cheryl. He will go from her party, straight to his own. We are going to give him a party to remember since his summer will be spent in recuperation. We reserved a spot at Pirate Island Pizza, and he invited friends from school and around the neighborhood. One last bash, and then five days until we head to the Mayo. We will keep everyone up to date with this blog, so make sure to keep checking back.

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